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Fresh Mushrooms

You can also order fresh mushrooms by calling 610.444.2192 or by emailing us at
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Crimini Mushrooms (3 lbs)

Closely related to white mushrooms, crimini mushrooms will compliment your favorite lunch, brunch, or dinner dish. Tan to brown in color, these mushrooms are guaranteed to please with their top-shelf zest. To ensure world-class flavor, our fresh crimini mushrooms are picked, shipped, and sold with the gills enclosed.
Price: $7.50

Maitake Mushrooms (2 lbs)

Rich and nutty in flavor, maitake mushrooms are an excellent complement to various culinary cuisines. From appetizer to entrée, these brown mushrooms attest that gustatory satisfaction does not have to be expensive.
Price: $20.00

Portabella Mushrooms (5 lbs)

Though the name remains controversial, we call these large mushrooms “portabellas.” In the name we recognize the culinary creativity these mushrooms inspire. Beautiful, cultivated, exotic, and mature; our portabellas are picked at the peak of perfection with exposed gills for intensified flavor. Substitute this full, rich, earthy, and meaty mushroom for a mouthwatering option the whole family will enjoy.
Price: $15.00

Royal Trumpet Mushrooms (3 lbs)

Also known as the king oyster, royal trumpet mushrooms are light brown with tender white stems. Like the maitake mushroom, royal trumpets grow in small clusters and are medium in size. These mushrooms feature a delicious nutty flavor, a firm texture, and an extended shelf-life. Versatile, savory, rich, and delicious; we can guarantee they won’t go to waste!
Price: $30.00

Shiitake Mushrooms (3 lbs)

Let Philips fresh shiitake mushrooms inspire your love for great food! With a nutritional value that cannot be ignored, this all-purpose mushroom is an excellent addition to any dish. Known in Japan as the “monarch of mushrooms,” the shiitake mushroom is famous for yielding superior quality through its rich, meaty, and smoky flavor.
Price: $18.00

White Button Mushrooms (3 lbs)

One of the most commonly cultivated mushrooms, the white mushroom varies in color from bright white to light brown. A flavorful mushroom, the white mushroom boasts a meaty and earthy taste. Delicious uncooked or baked with your favorite stuffing, these mushrooms are sure to amaze!
Price: $8.50

Fresh Mushrooms

We are not shipping fresh mushrooms.