We are very excied to announce we have sliced and dried our Pom Pom (Lion's Mane) mushroom.  The Pom Pom mushroom is a great substitute for veal, lobster or crab in any of your favorite dishes.  It is great in a dip or used as a thickener for your soups.  Many wonderful health benefits are coming out of research done on the Pom Pom.  Here is one article about the Pom Pom and it;s potential - https://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-stamets/mushroom-memory_b_1725583.html

Pom Pom mushrooms can be hard to find fresh in your local markets.  You can find them in the higher end grocery stores.  Having the dried makes them shelf stable and easy to keep in your pantry when you can't find them fresh.

We will include a recipe card for a delicious Hot Pom Pom Dip.  Simple and delicious.

Dried Pom Pom (Lion's Mane) Mushroom