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One pound of our Phillips grown and dried Lion's Mane mushrooms.  A great item for your pantry.  So many ways you can use dried mushrooms and Lion's Mane can be hard to find fresh in many stores.

 * Hot Lion's Mane (Pom Pom) Mushroom Spread Recipe

This recipe can be made with dried or fresh mushrooms

Dried 1 ounce  of Pom Pom (Lion's Mane)

2-8 oz packages cream cheese

1 medium onion chopped

Reconstitute dried mushrooms in boiling water for 2-5 minutes. Remove from water Place in a mixing bowl with cream cheese and onion. Mix to combine and transfer to a pie plate.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.Serve with you favorite cracker or crostini it tastes like a hot crab dip Enjoy.


Dried Lion's Mane 1 LB.

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